Media audio files do not launch on desktop but functional on smartphone

I have thousands of language files with audio for pronunciation practices. The audio files work fine on the Smartphone, but do not activate or function on the desktop version. I have Mac 2.1.49 version of the desktop. This is a new problem…When I click on the audio file on Desktop version, it does not do anything as if it does not even recognize the “click”. It launches automatically as desired on the smartphone.

Did you wait for media to finish syncing? Does Tools>Check Media report missing files?

Yes, I have auto sync set up and both devices sync properly. I don’t get any error messages. Today I found the same problem on my tablet. The media file does not play…the files on the phone work fine…

Sorry, to confirm, Tools>Check Media in the computer version says that there are no files missing?

Yes, it shows that there are missing files on the desktop. It states:
“Missing Files: 3”
“Unused files: 17810”

I’m going to assume the 3 files that are missing are not the ones you’re trying to play. That seems to indicate there’s something wrong with the media player bundled with Anki. If you locate the files in your media folder, are you able to play them successfully using something like iTunes? If you drag one of the files onto Anki’s editing screen, do you hear the sound play? Managing Files - Anki Manual

The missing files seems to be.jpg files and I do not know how to search for them or find them as it says they are missing. The other thing I have found is that the audio files play most of the time, but for some odd reasons, does not play at other times. So, I suspect those audio files are either missing or corrupted, though I have no idea how to find them as I have thousands of files in my decks.

The first thing is to do is experiment and figure out whether it is particular cards that always refuse to play, or whether the same card sometimes plays, and sometimes does not.