Missing a place to discuss learning techniques and experiences

Browsing through the categories of this forum, it seems like this forum is primarily intended for technical support and interaction with (add-on) developers. I’m not seeing a designated place where one could discuss different learning experiences with (vanilla) Anki.

I am aware of the subreddit r/Anki which I guess is a direct contender to this forum in some aspects. Although I’m personally not a huge fan of Reddit and I think Discourse is in general a friendlier place, r/Anki is fairly active and a valuable place to look for suggestions on how to optimize one’s learning experience.

I wonder, is this forum intentionally set up without sections for sharing experiences, so as not to divide traffic between Reddit and Discourse? If ever you should want to direct more traffic to this forum, I think you should add one or two categories for these purposes.


Sounds like a good idea, but I do not control this forum.

There were the reasons that the old forum ‘‘Discussions’’ is gone.
I like the new layout – we can have discussions in a ‘specific’ sub-forum.

I think the issue is that there’s no category for ‘Best Practices’ or something similar.

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Okay, I’ll give you a few examples of what I’m thinking of. Browsing through the subreddit, the overwhelmingly most popular content is memes and screenshots of heatmaps, but then there are also very interesting questions like:

  • Hard-core Anki Users (20k+ cards): How has it served you?
  • Insights that dawned upon you in your time using anki
  • Today I heard about Anki for the first time, and downloaded it to learn French. What are your “I wish I knew this when I first started” advice in regards to Anki?
  • How to be extremely lazy and still use Anki
  • 2,000 reviews every day is killing me
  • When attending lectures, what is your notetaking process?
  • How do you avoid answering cloze cards without first thinking about the answer ?
  • Why are cloze deletions the best?
  • Do you guys review all your cards in a day, even if you have >500?
  • Has anyone tried using a foot pedal with Anki?
  • How do you integrate Anki into your study routine?
  • Do any of you write your notes right into Anki?

I wouldn’t know where to put any of these questions on this forum.

Again, I’m not saying there should be a place for these questions on this forum, I’m just noticing that there isn’t.


I would myself love to post all the findings I’ve had as a beginner Anki user (still am) to help others.

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I’m happy to add a new category if there is demand for it - what does everyone think would be a good succinct name for it?


As long as it mentions ‘Anki’ in the title I’m fine. I’ve seen in another knowledge tool forum long-winding postings about knowledge management in general with no tie-in to the actual product.

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“Efficiency” ( or do not add anything )

Maybe simply “Studying”.


Haha love that one! I actually have! Even tried a steering wheel once xD

Maybe “Anki Experience”? But perhaps this would shift the focus too much to personal stories, leaving out study techniques… I get your concern, but in this Forum I don’t think it would be that much of a problem to omit “Anki” in the name.

I think “Efficiency” narrows this category down a bit too much, doesn’t it?

“Studying” would encapsulate a broader spectrum of topics, while still being succinct enough for the category. I like this one best atm :+1:


That is my intention; to concentrate discussion on this ‘forgotten’ topic.

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“Anki app usage and best practices”

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I don’t like the “and”. IMHO “Anki: Best practices” gets it all.


@khs is advocating for the category to be limited to Anki-specific topics and not try to encompass learning in general - is everyone on board with that, or are there any people who think it should be more general?

FWIW, the old TenderApp site had an “Effective Learning” category, but due to the lack of traffic at the time it ended up getting merged into a more general “Community” section. Maybe that was due to TenderApp not being a great forum solution though, and not the lack of demand for the topic.


I think there are plenty of places out there that cover learning in general. An “official” place specific to Anki learning would be great and I agree with @Lilalas it would be really good to have somewhere that isn’t Reddit for this.

@tiw’s “Anki: Best practices” got my vote (until someone iterates it further!).


Just wanted to chime in and say there’s also an unofficial discord server here!