Thanks For Your Support! Topic


I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the support and help you guys do :slight_smile:

Just earlier I had problems with Anki opening and I found the (general) issue via the page. I’ve not completely solved it (and nor am I asking for help just yet), but I wanted to say thanks a lot for the support you guys give and for this page too :slight_smile:

I wanted to say thanks somewhere on the forum but noticed there’s no general “thank you” or “thanks” kind of topic so I thought I would start one :slight_smile: Hopefully it encourages you guys and brightens your days when things get tough. You’re making a difference in people’s lives by helping us all to study! :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your support! :smiley:

P.S. If this is totally not helpful or may be annoying since it could generate “non-useful feedback” or “many notifications without issue” please feel free to remove it; I just wanted to express my gratitude at the very least :slight_smile:

P.P.S. Sorry if I did not post this in the proper category. I was not sure exactly where to put it. My initial issue was related to the Desktop version, but since my post is not about that, I figured site feedback may be a good place for it given it’s about the site.

Have a nice day! :sun_with_face: :sunflower: