Where to Discuss General SRS Strategy and Practice

I am interested in learning about how effective SRS use more generally. For example, I wanted to see what people say on how to make effective cards, and looked to see if there was a fitting category. I saw the Card Design category and thought that might be the place, but after a closer look realized it had more to do with how to work with Anki as a tool, such as styling, displaying, etc.

My question: What is the best place to generally discuss effective SRS use, independent of tooling, tech, etc. If this forum isn’t the right place, any tips on where else to look would be appreciated

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A lot has been written over the years (some resources below), with discussions mostly taking place in various subreddits.


Thanks, I’ve seen some of these and came across others, but I meant more along the lines of active discussion. I guess the reddit recommendations fit the best. Still, some of these I haven’t seen and I should take a look.

There’s been a bit of discussion in the past on creating a section of this forum to talk about learning strategies, but it kind of petered out IIRC. I’m not against it if there’s interest.

Edit: let’s give it a go. I’ve moved this post to the new section.


In between I made another post that would belong there better, but from now on there is a much more fitting place. Hopefully more posts come in! Thanks

I’ve moved your other post over too.

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