Minimum size of review stack

When I get down to just a few cards in review, I find that I’m clearing them from short term memory and not learning them well.

One way to solve this could be to pull cards from the schedule, temporarily noting them as extra, to get a minimum number circulating in review. Otherwise treating them normally. Ending review when only cards marked extra are in circulation.


You could maybe get a similar functionality with “filtered decks” (check the Anki documentation “filtered decks” and “searching pages”, I can’t leave links here).

Essentially you can use the “custom study” / “Create filtered deck” button

You could experiment with a filter like:
"deck:my_deck" (is:due OR props:due=1)
(this mixes in cards currently due with those due tomorrow)

or combine multiple filters like:

Note that in the second filter I’m randomly selecting 20 cards from those due in the next 7 days.

Note that either way you do it, with this method with the “Reschedule cards…” button checked, your reviews on future cards will get counted and adjust the new deadline for those cards. But I’d argue that’s totally okay, and you can restrict the search for these cards to only cards that would be normally due tomorrow, or in the next X days.


Hi Dan. Thank you for the suggestions, especially the details about how to get some additional cards in circulation for review using filtered decks.

How does this solve the problem that, with only a few cards remaining in review, I’m answering them correctly merely because I’ve just seen the answer?

Thank you for the look.

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If you’d rather wait around for the last few cards to become due instead of seeing them early, you can adjust the “learn ahead limit” in the preferences screen.