How does this review strategy sound? Should I add/minus anything?

Forgetting cards is the worst thing you can do so I thought “how could I minimize forgetting cards?” I came up with this:

Turn on 2.1 scheduler & make filtered deck that pulls learning & relearning cards (can do this problem-free w/2.1 scheduler which is why we turn it on) as well as review cards and sorts them by most to least relative overdueness (we would forget more cards if we sorted by any other way, e.g. random).

Next review new cards in random order in home deck. We review new cards last b/c we forget the least amount of cards this way.

Review 100% of the time using these 2 steps.

If you’re getting your daily counts down to 0, then the order you review in doesn’t matter that much, and I’d recommend just keeping things simple. Customizing the order is most useful when you’re dealing with a backlog of cards, and need to prioritize the ones you’ll do in the time you have available.

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Ok so for when I have a ton of overdue cards, would making a filtered deck that pulls learning, relearning, & review cards & sorts them by most to least relative overdueness be the best way to handle these cards?

Also, I was thinking of making an improvement to this strategy by adding a “due today” deck that shows you cards whose due date is today so you don’t make your overdue load any bigger & then make an “overdue” deck so you can actually lessen your load. However, wouldn’t this actually be bad b/c by spending time on the “due today” deck you risk forgetting the most overdue cards?

Relative overdueness is a pretty safe bet. I’d recommend you experiment a bit though and see what works best for you.

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About the ‘experimenting’.
Try my workflow:
Relative overdue vs ascending order.

R.O. prioritizes cards which are overdue less than other cards.
Ascending order does the cards with the smallest interval first; these young cards are more likely to be forgotten than mature cards – see your chart called “Answer buttons” for a rough estimate.

No matter which road you take, do not lapse the Overdue cards - to avoid sending the card back minimum two steps; instead, Reschedule it for 'n - ’ days (or the second step; or the interval of your choice).

What is your anki version ?

PS. There are tons of tips on the workflow efficiency, esp for the Ease hell.

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