How to refine card order of reviews/lapses

Hey there,

I have a pretty big vocabulary deck. I get a lot of cards wrong and I often cannot do all cards that are due in a day. The next day I am then “stuck” with repeating the “red” cards I didn’t get right the day before. This takes such a long time that I often cannot even get to the “green” cards in the review loop that I got right the last time.

By default – and understandably so – the red cards come first when starting where I left of the day before. But sometimes I would rather first review all the “green” cards that I got correct the last time and have all the “red” cards I didn’t get right the last time come after that. This way I would at least stay on top of the cards I have gotten right in the past. Is there a way to adjust the setting in this way?

Best regards, thanks a lot

You should be able to make a filtered deck to accomplish this.

Try a filter deck with the following search string:

"deck:YOUR DECK" -is:learn is:due
  • deck limits selected cards to your specific deck.

  • -is:learn excludes cards which you have to (re)learn.

  • is:due limits to cards that are (over)due.


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