Media synch fail

It looks like one of your media filenames may be invalid. If you tap on Check Media in the preferences screen, does it report anything? Does the issue remain after that?

The issue remains. I deleted a lot of files but it didn’t change the synch at all.

The check media shows missing files. I scrolled down to the bottom and found what looks like it may be an invalid file name. How do I locate and rename it or delete it?

Ok I poked around the media file on my windows computer end found two files with question mark symbols in the name and renamed them. I’m guessing the cards that referenced them won’t know the new file names but at least it synchs now.

Glad you were able to get to the bottom of it. Anki should be ensuring that filenames are valid utf-8, but I think what’s happening here is that iOS will reject valid utf-8 if it contains unsupported characters.

Windows wasn’t able to display them either. Really weird.

Just to clarify, my point was that iOS won’t allow a file with such characters to be saved - Windows likely does, even if the characters look like noise.