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I had downloaded the anking deck for step and then imported media by downloading the google drive file then importing media locally. All cards were showing normally and media had no issues, until I synced my anki (as I wish to use my mobile from anki too). After syncing on my laptop (mac) the images from most cards became unviewable (in there place was a small green and blue box). I tried to press sync again but it said that media sync was already finished. So I deleted media amd imported again and the media showed correctly once more, but when I synced again the same issue persisted. Each time I sync I would just keep the media log open and not use my computer to ensure nothing disturbs the process. What should I do?

Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

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You appear to have a whole bunch of media files that are 345 bytes, which looks suspicious. Please open your media folder and check the file paste-95197950115841.jpg. Does it display in an image editor? If not, and you import the media files again from wherever you got them, does that same file display correctly?

I checked the image you mentioned and it does show up on my mac. I wonder if what you are checking is the ankihub backup since I turned off media sync on my mac as I was noticing that every time I sync media its what corrupts the media on my mac. So the media I have on my mac and on my ankihub are different.

How those bad files got there is a mystery, and I think it’s unlikely to have been caused by Anki. But if your computer was not fully in sync with AnkiWeb when you added the replacement files, syncing could cause the files to revert to the bad state, as if both sides are pending changes, the contents on AnkiWeb wins. So the solution should be to allow a media sync to fully complete on the computer version, replace any broken files, and then sync again - if you do that, it should not cause the files to go bad again.

I first want to thank you for taking the time to help me. However, I tried to do as you told me but the issue persisted, so I tried to enable the one-way sync and upload my backup to ankiweb but after the sync the media was corrupted once more. I am not sure what other options there are for me to try.

One way syncs do not alter how media is synced. Did you confirm ‘media sync complete’ was shown prior to importing the correct files? If you click on ‘sync’ while the spinner is showing, it will pop up the media log. I recommend you also disable all add-ons while testing this, to rule them out as the cause.

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