Media sync: ⁨error sending request for url (): connection error: broken pipe⁩


I’ve been looking around in the forum and reddit to figure out what’s wrong but couldn’t find anything useful in other media sync troubleshot topics.

Anki version is current latest:

$ Anki --version
Anki 2.1.46

I made sure to follow the procedure described here but problem is persisting: when I start syncing, only cards and scheduling data are synced and it fails at media syncing with the following error:

Wed Aug 11 13:57:41 2021: Media sync starting...
Wed Aug 11 14:02:42 2021: A network error occurred.

Error details: ⁨error sending request for url (): connection error: broken pipe⁩
Wed Aug 11 14:22:36 2021: Media sync starting...

It started suddenly after I created a few cards as usually do (it was previously working with the same setup). I can see my new cards on AnkiMobile but without the sounds and images.

Given the url (), I assume this is a bug, but I want to make sure before I open an issue on github.

The URL is redacted. The connection appears to be timing out; I’d recommend you try again with a different wifi network, or test by hotspotting to your phone.

Thank you, I tried playing around with my network settings and it ended up working again.