Media not uploading - .svg masks from Image Occlusion addon

I used Image Occlusion Advanced addon in 2020 with much success. My cards from then still work perfectly on Ankimobile and Ankiweb, as well as the desktop app in which they were created. They also sync across devices as I’ve put a new Anki install on a new machine and they were downloaded and work fine.

Recently I have created more, but this time when I sync it appears that the .svg masks created by the IO addon are not being uploaded, meaning that the cards fail to work on any synced app. When I open the edit view on Ankimobile or Ankiweb they show the original image, but the mask images are not there. Everything about the cards themselves is exactly the same.

Here is how the mask fields are encoded

<img src="94fd3e26ba844cccbae45e10dec08870-oa-8-Q.svg" />

So nothing particularly unusual there. Is a recent-ish update to Anki preventing it from uploading the .svg file, or is it a problem with the IO addon? It’s happening on all systems I try it on, several different computers.

Thanks :slight_smile:

To confirm, the masks appear correctly on the device you created the cards, but not on other devices? If so, please make sure all of your clients show “media sync complete”: Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

Correct. Right now, the media log says ‘Mon Mar 14 17:22:29 2022: Media sync complete.’ But on Ankiweb and Ankimobile, the masks still aren’t appearing:

However, I have figured out a workaround. I now create a Temp deck, move the cards there, export it, save to OneDrive and open on my iPad in Ankimobile. All the media gets copied across. Bit cumbersome but it did the job.

Syncing from Ankimobile, the svg files get uploaded.

If it makes a difference, I am running Anki portably from a flash drive.

The mask uploads from Ankimobile once imported via apkg:

Hmm, that’s a strange one. If you find it happens again, please let us know. You should be able to work around it by logging out and syncing again, which forces a media rescan.

Thanks, that does force all the media to sync. But then creating more IO cards the same thing happens again - .svg not uploaded

Do you know if your system drive is ntfs or vfat? After you add some image occlusions, if you right click on your media folder and check the properties, does it show it was just modified?

I’m running off a thumb drive (exFAT) with -b set to a location on the thumb drive - so if file system affects things, this could well be the root of the problem. At least I have a workaround now, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

‘Media syncing with AnkiWeb may not work if your flash drive is formatted as FAT32. Please format the drive as NTFS to ensure media syncs correctly.’

There we go!

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