Media missing from shared Anki deck created from an imported excel file

I created an Anki deck by importing fields with embedded media from an Excel file. Everything works fine on Anki Desktop and on my own Ankiweb account, but when I try to share the file the media is missing.

The only workaround I’ve discovered is manually to enter the media file name in the Question or Answer column on Anki desktop’s browse notes view. (It also works click on the image html and then on the “Question” or “Answer” column.) After I do this, the media appears on my shared decks. But it takes a long time to correct each card manually.

What am I doing wrong?

What does Tools>Check Media report, and what happens if you export again after running it?

Check Media reports 224 unused files. Exporting the deck (and reimporting) doesn’t change anything.

Here is a link to the deck I successfully shared after manually working through each line of the “Question” field in Browse: Biblical Hebrew Picture Flashcards - AnkiWeb

Do you mean that you had a link to the media in your card template before entering the links in each field? The former will not work: Field Replacements - Anki Manual

No, the reference to the media in the CSV file looks like this: < img src =“אכל.png”> (but without the space between < and img)
When imported into Anki, the corresponding Image field is exactly the same.
The card front template is as follows: {{Image}}.

After import, nothing is displayed in the “Questions” column in browser until I toggle HTML editor in the Image field of a particular card. When I click on the HTML (e.g., < img src=“אשׁה.png”>) and then back in the question field, the question field fills up for that particular card:

Can you paste a line from the CSV file here, adding a backtick to the start and end, so the text is preserved verbatim? Like <img src=foo.jpg> this.

Headings: Card Num Image HTML צוּרָה מִילוֹנִית שֹׁרֶשׁ צוּרָה דִּקְדוּקִית גִּזְרָה בִּנְיָן צוּרַת הַפֹּעַל נְטִיָּה מִין Unit Definition Tags

Card 1: 1 <img src ="אכל.png"> אֹכֵל אֹכֶלֶת אֹכְלִים אֹכְלוֹת אכל פֹּעַל פ׳א קַל קֹטֵל מַאֲכָל 1 to eat, consume, devour דִּקְדוּק::פֹּעַל גִּזְרָה::פ׳א בִּנְיָן::קַל מִין::מַאֲכָל PL::1

Hmm. The fact that it works after viewing the note in the editor seems to imply there’s something wrong with the HTML used to describe the images, and it’s getting corrected by the editor. It’s not obvious from the line you pasted, and I’m assuming you added the space in the image tag. Would it be possible to share the csv file somewhere like Google Drive or a filesharing site, so I can see the original verbatim?

Thanks. This makes sense. My CSV file consistently has a space between the src and the equals sign.

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