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Maximum Reviews per Day Not Working

Hi everyone,

So I’ve been using Anki for several weeks now and my reviews are starting to build up. I’ve set my maximum reviews per day at 750 review cards/day, but I routinely get more than that (screenshots attached below). I’ve already tried googling this but I can’t seem to find a solution. I’ve also tried to disable all my addons AND delete and reinstall the program, but that hasn’t worked either. My new cards are set at 350/day, which works fine. I’ve attached all my settings below. Would really appreciate any help anyone has to offer!

Learning cards are not included in the limit.

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750 review and 350 new cards…

That’s a lot!

But not only that, having a limit of 350 new card a day you could expect around 3500 reviews a day, just to make sure you are reviewing all your cards properly, and the spaced repetition system is working effectively.

350 new cards a day and 750 reviews means that you’re not going to review MOST of your cards, rendering the whole SR idea much less effective.

I recommend you lowering the new cards settings or using the new Anki 2.1.45b, which works differently.