Maximum review limit problem

Hi! i’ve read everything, checked all the tutorials, i’m still stuck. I have set the maximum review limit to 200 yet i don’t get more than 10. And i have almost 400 words in my deck. I thought at the beginning that i didn’t have enogh cards in my deck yet, but after many weeks and 400 words later it is still 10 reviews a day. New card limit is set to 20 and it works, i get 20 new words every day. But reviews remains on 10 no matter what i do. Please help. I want to increase it to 100 / day but no matter what i enter, i get only 10 cards.

Is this a subdeck? Is it being limited by a parent deck?
Are there other Cards that are Due?

As an aside: Setting a max Review limit is generally bad for memorization. And you especially shouldn’t be adding more New cards if you can’t handle the number of Reviews you have already.

Thank you for your answer. This is not a subdeck. This is the first deck i created. there is only one additional deck i created later. I understand your review limit opinion, i actually modified the daily review limit to 9999 however, it shows only 10 reviews. No matter what i do, it never increases to more than that. And i have almost 400 words in my deck yet, i get only 10 reviews daily. The new card limit can be modified without any problem. no issue with that. but the daily review number just doesn’t react to the limit change i apply. it doesnt matter if i limit it to 200, 2000 or 9999 - i only get 10 green number. blue number, as i said, no problem, changes according to the limit setting, green number stays 10. what can i do?

The existence of cards does not mean they are all due today. How many cards are actually Due today?

Search deck:YourDeckName is:due in the Browse window. That will show you your due and overdue cards.

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