Mathjax with ankiweb


I was a Anki user a long time ago, when things were not quite stable yet pertaining to math formulas and choices made to share such decks… It has been quite a few years I stopped using it, because it proved really time-consuming for me.

Maybe it is time to make another try. I was happy to see mathjax added to input mathematical formulas withing cards, and I don’t really need more than that, so I converted a deck from latex to mathjax and tested it.

No problem with the desktop application, nor the anki ios application (I can’t try ankidroid but according to the docs, it should work too) but it seems it is not yet supported in ankiweb, which the documentation seems to imply too.

From a technical point of view, I don’t understand the limitation, as it would seem easier to add mathjax to ankiweb than it is adding it to desktop and mobile applications…

Maybe I am doing something wrong and mathjax works for ankiweb ?

The reason why I need it is that if I intend to share my decks to my students (which is the only reason I made those decks to begin with…), they really would want to study on a mobile device, and many of my students have an iphone.

I know there is a mobile Anki application for iOs, and I gladly paid for it, but I really can’t justify asking for my students to do the same.

Of course, I might stick with latex and share my .apkg with all the medias consolidated to my students. They’ll import it on the desktop application, synchronize to their ankiweb accounts and then it should work with the generated formulas as images.

But it is not as nice looking as mathjax and it will tax more the ankiweb servers, so I don’t understand the logic here…

Am I missing something ?

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Looking on the web, I found a way out, adding some code at the front and back of the cards, from this webpage

This is a bit cumbersome, but doable. One thing is still a bit unfortunate, although not that surprising, which is the $ shortcut to insert math is ignored by anki desktop and mobile application, but is correctly interpreted by the browser with ankiweb.

I thought for a moment I might not have to convert all those $ to another currency, but It appears I’ll still have to…

Just haven’t gotten around to supporting it yet.

I don’t recommend using $: