Latex formula won’t be read in ankiweb on ios

On my laptop the latex formula works just fine. But on my iPhone nothing changes…

Meanwhile here is my laptop

I went to tools>Check media and i got nothing

Mobile clients can’t generate latex images themselves, but once you use Tools > Check Media in the desktop and sync, the images should appear in your iPhone.

Reference: Math & Symbols - Anki Manual


I have tried that too. As shown on the picture above after I click on tools>show media I get zero issues. And even after I click on sync nothing changes :”””)

You are using MathJax, not LaTeX. AnkiWeb does not currently support MathJax.

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I actually used mathjax then clicked on “mathjax inline” which transforms it to Latex by adding the parenthesis and those things: “\”. Do I have to do it manually??

No, that is still MathJax. It can not be shown on AnkiWeb, but will work in the other clients.

Ohhhh ok so I will just manually write it in Latex. Thank you very much