Latex formula do not display correctly on new phone

I offered a Huawei P30 to my daughter for her birthday. She downloaded ankidroid but the cards with latex formula do not display correctly, whereas it was ok with her previous phone (rednote pro 6). Formula in mathJax are still ok. Does she need to download an add-on?
Thanks for your help!

To complete my first message, I checked on my own phone (galaxy S8). Cards with latex are displayed correctly and it is exactly the same version of ankidroid that the one on my daughter’s new phone.
Any idea???
Thanks !

I found a way to solve it. For those having the same problem :

  • download and install Miktex on your PC
  • in the pc’s anki app : tools → check media → render latex (it can take some time !)
  • synchronise from the pc’s anki app,
  • synchronise from ankidroid
    Latex formula display should be fine. Good luck !


Thanks for the update.
AnkiDroid can generate MathJax but not LaTeX (as you understood, it needs a compiler), so indeed LaTeX should be generated on computer with LaTeX installed first.

What is surprising to me here is that you said that it worked on a phone and not on another one. If you use the same collection synchronized on various devices, then the images should be available everywhere or nowhere. Can you please confirm whether it were the same collection, or whether it was different collection (that is, linked to different ankiweb profile, different email address)?

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It was the same collection and we had this issue twice!
I mean we have 2 profiles. And for both, it was fine on her previous phone and on my phone and it did not work on her new phone. After following the steps I described it became ok on her new phone, with both profiles.
In fact, now that I understand how it works, my impression is that what is strange is not that it did not work on her new phone, it is that it worked before on our phones (mine and her previous one) even though I did not have any latex program on my computer and that I had not been able to compile the cards…

If you never have a LaTeX program installed on a computer with your collection, it is indeed very strange.
If you downloaded an existing deck and imported it, I can imagine that the compiled images were already in the deck, but that’s the best i can imagine