[BUG] With new version of anki, all my latex equations are not displaying

On pratically all my cards, Mathjax have replaced my latex equations.
But it cut all my equations in half and consequently broke everything.
Here in pictures, what is happening:

It’s easy to repair, but I don’t wanna repair every card step by step by rewriting all my codes. ( I have like 10 thousands cards).

Is there anything to do ? I didn’t find anything to disable Mathjax.
In the the previex of my cards, I can’t even see my latex code for the equation properly since due to mathjax. I have to go on the phone version of Anki, to rewrite it manually.

Have anyone had this issue ?



You can disable MathJax preview with the cogwheel next to the preview button in editing mode.


Yes thanks. I’ve done that. Almost all my cards were corrected. Some not, I don’t know why. But without the preview, I can know easily correct them.

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