Getting Latex to work on Android

could someone help me to get my cards display latex on Anki android app? Right now it just displays the code.

I am a beginner and after surfing for answers did not manage to solve it on my own.

I use a lot of formulas so I have set up the template to display latex. I have added screenschots of my setting.

Can you follow these steps and see if it renders?

  1. Create a card that uses [latex] tags if you haven’t already.
  2. From the main page, click on Tools>Check Media to update all media.
  3. Sync the desktop and then AnkiDroid.
  4. View the card you created from AnkiDroid.
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Thanks for your reply. I followed the steps. It does not work with latex tags. It works on computer only with latex equation tags ([$][/$] or [$$][/$$]). On app the latex does not work at all, just gives me the code when I use [$][/$] or [$$][/$$].

Edit: I actually think it has to do with my template but I do not know how to solve it.

If you remove the [latex] tags from the template and add it to an individual note’s Front field and run the above 4 steps again, does that work? As far as I understand, Anki doesn’t scan media tags outside of fields.

Also, I think you edited out something about a missing LaTeX package. To diagnose that, you should start by replacing the header in your first screenshot with this minimal version (the default):


But based on the fact that the LaTeX renders in your other screenshots, it shouldn’t be necessary, and I don’t understand how you could have gotten that error.

I also don’t understand what you mean by “Right now it just displays the code.”. I would like to see a screenshot. If you’re talking about the first screenshot you posted, that dialog is supposed to show the code.

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Thank you a lot! Problem solved!

I did a new test with a new deck with the original Anki Basic template and it worked both on laptop and app!

Also, I saw that I had the \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}missing in my custom template and adding it fixed it: the latex code displays as it should also on my app now.

(Reason for the earlier edit: I also deleted bunch of shared decks I had downloaded earlier. I assume these had also some problems in their templates but as I dont use them the easy fix was to just delete them.)

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