Almost in tears, nothing is working. No images etc


There are so many issues I hardly don’t know where to start.

I have Anki (2.1.35) on my two MacBooks (both running Mojave) and also on my iPhone 11. Haven’t used Anki for a long time but I decided to start again more seriously.

On the Macbook Pro I get this on all decks I create there, even though I’m not using any latex code:
Error executing latex.
Generated file: /var/folders/lg/z30qsrs50zj47s8np_19g1040000gn/T/anki_temp/tmp.tex
Have you installed latex and dvipng/dvisvgm?

Cant open the cards on the iOS app either. Just get a square where the test should be.

If I create cards on my other computer, Macbook Air, I manage to see them on all devices, except no images are displayed. BUT, they are displayed in the Browser however.

No images are shown in the Ankiweb either from the decks/cards I create.

If I download a shared deck from GitHub however, for example:

everything works, can see them on all my devices and images are also showing.

What am I doing wrong? I have tried different Anki version also. Is Anki completely dependent on the environment/os that the decks/cards are created in? It seems so weird that the imported shared decks works fine.

REALLY would appreciate some advice, it’s so frustrating.

Check for latex in your card templates (Use the Cards button in the editor).

Did you try syncing? Maybe force a one-way sync.

Also, you can check the media folder and make sure images are actually there.

If the images are appearing in the Browse screen of your other devices, but not during review, that implies that you’ve added them to a field that’s not included on your front or back card template. If you click on Cards… and then add the relevant {{Field}} containing the image, it will show up during review.

If the images show up during review on one device but not your others, please make sure you wait for the media to finish syncing:

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Ahh, thank you SO much @dae! It was the template that was causing the issue, now everything works! Big hugs!