Is it impossible to render equations on all platforms?

I am a teacher, and I have created a deck to share with my students. In essence, I need the equations to render on all platforms, but I cannot find a solution. I have tried using MathJax and LaTex, but either it doesn’t render anywhere, or it only works on Desktop and AnkiDroid but not AnkiWeb.

I have tried this guide that I found (Studying Mathematics with Anki and MathJax), but it does not work for me. When I write LaTex $ $, it does not render on any of the platforms. If I use ( ) it will render on Anki Desktop and AnkiDroid, but not AnkiWeb.

Is this not possible to fix? Due to company policy neither I, nor my students, are allowed to download anything on our computers, or install anything that is not pre-approved. I have Anki Desktop on my private computer and AnkiDriod on my andoid phone, but most of my students have an iPhone (and I cannot force them to pay for AnkiMobile), and some do not have a private computer. I therefore really want to solve this issue without downloading anything, and so that my flash cards work on all platforms.

If it matters, we are only allowed to use Edge, no other browsers…

Thanks for any help!

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LaTeX requires that you have LaTeX installed and you generate the media files before you share a deck: Math & Symbols - Anki Manual

AnkiWeb does not currently have built-in support for MathJax, but you can probably add it to your card template. Reddit - Dive into anything

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