AnkiWeb fails to render MathJax

Although cards with MathJax content can render perfectly fine in Anki Desktop on macOS, when those cards are studied via AnkiWeb on a mobile device, the MathJax literally displays as “(z^{(l)}_j)”

I decided to switch to MathJax because the documentation says: “LaTeX . . . is only recommended for users that need more features than MathJax provides.” It also says: “MathJax is a browser-based typesetting system.” I am using Safari on iOS 13.

I don’t think MathJax is supported in AnkiWeb. But see

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Huh. Well I stumbled upon that but reallllly didn’t want to try it. Seems like it worked though. Thanks :slight_smile:

I agree that it would make sens to render it on ankiweb as everywhere else