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Material available for promoting Anki at website?


My question is, are there any material available for promoting Anki? That one are allowed to use freely? That are not copyrighted or if copyrighted that one can use with permission?
I am mostly thinking about pictures about the logo and using it at a website.
What are the ways things are done normally when it comes to promote Anki?
Or can one create any kind of promo material by oneself?
what is the norm?
I have no idea what applies in this case so that is why I am asking.

Anki’s logo is copyright Alex Fraser, and is licensed under the AGPL3 like the
rest of Anki’s code.

The logo is also available under a limited alternative license for inclusion
in books, blogs, videos and so on. If the following conditions are met, you
may use the logo in your work without the need to license your work under an
AGPL3-compatible license:

  • The logo must be used to refer to Anki, AnkiWeb, AnkiMobile or AnkiDroid,
    and a link to must be provided. When your
    content is focused specifically on AnkiDroid, a link to
    may be provided instead of the first link.
  • The work must make it clear that the text/video/etc you
    are publishing is your own content and not something originating
    from the Anki project.
  • The logo must be used unmodified - no cropping, changing of colours
    or adding or deleting content is allowed. You may resize the image
    provided the horizontal and vertical dimensions are resized

Taken from anki/LICENSE at main · ankitects/anki · GitHub.