Making a deck of one side cards only


I just started to use Ankidroit. My teacher provided me the deck which includes cards ’Ukrainian in front - English in back’ and ’English in front - Ukrainian in back’. I do not need to learn cards ’Ukrainian in front - English in back’ therefore I have created the filterded deck with ’card:2’.
How to create a filtered deck which would act exactly same way as the main deck and I would use it daily and never returning to the main ?

Thanks in advance.

You can remove you “Card 2” note type.

Edit > Cards > Select Card type 2 (Ukranian > English) > Options > Remove

Doing a manual bakcup beforehand is recommended.

Edit: sorry I was speaking about the computer version, in Ankidroid the steps are similar (although ffor doing this kind of stuff,the computer version is recomended)

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