Filtered deck does not show all cards types

I created a deck to practice a new language. Each card in the deck shows 3 fields: A to show a new word, B to show meaning of the word, C to show pronunciation. I will refer to these fields A, B, C respectively.
Based on these 3 fields I created 3 types of cards:

  1. Forwards: Question (A), Answer (B and C)
  2. Backwards: Question (B) , Answer (A and C)
  3. Pronunciation cards: Question ©, Answer (A and B).
    In addition, when I add a new word, I also add a tag word (for example: Lesson09)

Everything works well when I just use the deck to practice the words. I am presented with Forwards cards, Backwards cards and Pronunciation cards.
However, when I create a filtered deck based on the tag, I am shown with Forwards cards and Backwards cards but I am not presented with the Pronunciation cards.

How do I create a filtered deck?

  1. I open the deck
  2. I select Tools/Create filtered deck…
  3. In the Search field I see: deck:“name of the deck” is:due
  4. I modify Search field: deck:“name of the deck” tag:“Lesson09”
  5. I increase the number of the cards to review from 100 to 200 (just in case to make sure that all the cards are within the limit)

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?

maybe open the filtered deck in the browser and make sure you have pronunciation cards there and check their due state?

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