Make 1, 2, 3, 4 show answer by default

Honestly, it works pretty well on ankidroid, where gestures to answer are also uses to show answer


I don’t know which button to use until I see the answer. Someone starting out with Spanish might think éxito obviously is “exit” and boom, the card is gone for a week or more. (éxito is success, suceso is event, salida is exit)

Or, for me in Greek: I am still confusing οπος & ομος, που & μου

If the buttons had been showing before the answer, it might have taken me a long time to learn the hard way to not use them.

In your convoluted scenario, you could just ctrl + z to undo to avoid having your card “gone for a week or more”

Still, i dont think i fully grasp what you mean

Anyway, this suggestion is not about showing the answer buttons before the answer, so i think you got it confused

How can you have the answer buttons show the answer if you don’t show them before the answer? Are you asking to enable the answer shortcuts without showing the buttons?


Thats how gestures in ankidroid works

They even opened a bug to notify this somehow to the user