Mail address for forum notifications

I always receive forum’s notification on my gmail address (the one corresponding to my smartphone’s google account)
However I put another mail address in this forum preference, but it is never used for notifications…
(I use both Anki android and windows)
I don’t want use gmail address… Please any idea ?

Thank’s BlackBeans,

The mail address recorded is really the one I should want to be used.

However the forum doesn’t use it ! It only use the gmail address, and I don’t know why.

Thank’s anyway

(Attachment denis.vcf is missing)

I don’t see any mention of gmail on your account. Is it possible you created a second forum account with your gmail address?

Hi dae,
No I’ve created only one forum account : this one I use from my laptop. I never access this forum from my smartphone neither.
But, strange thing, since two days, I receive the message on the address I’ve choose :wink: Did the ghost of forum read me ?
Thanks for all