Not able to receive Anki confirmation email

Hello, I need to confirm my email to be able to sync anki. I got this on AnkiWeb:

We’ve sent an email to to confirm your address is valid. If that is not your correct address, please [change it.]

Email delivery failed. Please check that the email address you provided is correct, or try a different address if you have one.

If you would like to try sending another email, you can do so below. You can try again up to 3 times.

But I don’t have the email in spam nor regular mailbox. I also got “sorry, no more emails can be sent today” when I click the “Send again” button. What do I do next? Thanks!

Google is telling our mail provider: “The email account that you tried to reach is disabled.” You’ll either need to resolve this issue with Google, or change to a different email address in the account tab.

Thank you so much! I didn’t know my gmail was disabled. If I change my Anki email, will my data be kept?

Yes, it will.

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