Macbook Air downloaded deck format front back question

Hi, how do I change the front/back format that I’m presented with? When I download a deck the default is always the answer first and the when I click on show answer it shows the question. Thanks for your time

  1. Browser
  2. Select the notes
  3. “Change note type” (ctrl+shift+m)
  4. In the column titled “current”, change front to back and back to front
  5. Save
  6. Check database
  7. (Sync)
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I now see where I have the option to change the format.

But when I hit save, it just goes back to default. Please help

Do you want What lines the organs themselves? on the front or back?

How does your card look in the reviewer or previewer?

I want what lines the organs themselves on the front so that its the first thing that i see. With all of these downloaded cards, I am presented with the answer first.

Below you’ll see that what i am presented with on the front is the information that i am supposed to know. And the number 1 is essentially the question or what its asking me to describe

I’ve noticed that the notetype is Basic (and reversed). This creates two cards; one Front to Back and one Back to Front. You should see the template for the second card in the drop-down menu next to “Card Type:”.

Try changing the notetype to just Basic.

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Pardon my French, but you are fucking brilliant. That fixed it. Thanks for your help!

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