Macbook 14/16 with notch, complete full screen support

Hello, on a Macbook pro 14/16 with notch, what normally happens with most programs is that the programs won’t display anything in the space to the left and right of the notch, so what apple does is it basically puts a software black bezel in that area that spans from the both sides of the notch to each side of the display. This results in the program making a rectangle from under the notch and using that as the usable display area

However it would be cool if anki had an option so that for people with the notch that we can use the display space next to the notch. Apple said it is possible however the app developer has to program it in etc. I know if we did, then the deck/adds/browse/ might get cut off due to the notch but it would give us macbook uses more usable space at each side of the notch because right now all we see is a big black software bezel next to the notch which sucks to see