2.1.57 Apple Silicone Keeps Crashing When browsing

The app keeps crashing when I want to browse cards with 2.1.57 qt6 apple silicone

I also just noticed it only happens when I’m not in full screen. If I’m in full screen I click browse highlight a few cards it stays on. If Im not I click browse highlight, instantly crashes. Tried the intel version and apple silicone qt6

Assuming you’ve ruled out add-ons as the cause, maybe the Qt5 version will work better for you?

Hey, the qt5 version works find it’s just the qt6. I have an M1pro chip laptop and an M1 mac mini and both are behaving similar. The qt5 is just significantly slower compared to the qt6 that for now I’m sacrificing going out of full screen for the speed.

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do here except hope the toolkit authors improve the Qt6 version in future updates, and don’t break more things in the process.

2.1.56 qt6 has no issues with browsing, does that still mean its a toolkit issue?

It’s possible that the issue is timing related, and changes made in .57 have caused a change in the timing to cause this to start happening for you. Can you paste the first 100 or so lines that you get when you click on “report issue” after it crashes?

There’s more but I couldnt fit it lemme know if thats what you need. Thanks for the help!

I caught issue!!! It happens with the style on “Native” the problem goes away when the style is on “Anki”

The crash log does indicate it’s happening in the toolkit. Unfortunately on an M1 Pro here, I do not see any crashes when opening the browse screen even when using the native style, and I suspect there’d be more posts on the forum if this was something all M1 users were experiencing.

No idea then, both my macs had it and it was fixed with changing the style. One is an M1pro and one is just M1

I tried triggering it with a copy of your AnkiWeb collection in case the amount of cards was a factor, but didn’t have any luck. Maybe there’s some other factor at play, such as third-party utilities running on your system or mine.

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