Mac M3 using Silicon Q6 Anki Desktop Resizing Window


I recently got a new Mac M3 chip computer and had to re-download Anki desktop for this device. I downloaded the Silicon Q6 desktop version as it’s compatible with AnkiBrain add on, which doesn’t work with the Q5 desktop version. When going through cards, the previous card remains on the screen until you resize the anki window, then the next card is visible. This will happen every few cards and makes Anki studying less timely. This was an issue before I added any Anki add ons and remains an issue after restarting computer, deleting, and redownloading anki desktop. It’s not an issue with Intel desktop versions, but I’m disappointed it’s an issue for Silicon Q6 version as that version is supposed to be ideal for my device.

See Troubleshooting - Anki Manual – Try #2 and #6 (restart after each change).

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I switched the video driver to “software” setting and that seemed to help. Thank you!!!

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