Mac Anki Desktop Update

I am trying to download an anki deck from a friend onto my computer. My friend updated his anki and made the deck and then shared it with me. When I tried to download it, the deck would not open because my anki was not updated. I updated my anki to Mac OS 12+ Silicon 23.12.1 however even after I have updated my anki, the decks will not open when I download them. My friend who shared the deck with me does not have a Mac, however my other friend with a Mac and updated anki was able to open the deck. I really want to study the deck. I have downloaded the updated anki multiple times, but I still cannot open any newer anki decks on my computer. Any advice?

What happens when you try to import the deck? If you receive a message, what does it say?

I solved the issue – disable the special fields add on after updating anki and you will be able to import new decks from other users!!

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