Login Desktop (Windows)

I‘ve been using Anki for 2 years and I never had to log in when opening it on my iPad or HP Laptop. Now after a few weeks of not using it, it‘s asking me to log in but only in the Desktop version on my laptop, and it says the username or the password is wrong, but I‘m using the same username and password on my iPad and Anki Web and it‘s working for both, just not my Desktop version. I uninstalled it and installed the latest update from Anki web, but it is not working. Last week I did something and it somehow worked and I was able to sync, but I‘m not sure what exactly I did and now that I want to sync it again, it‘s the same problem.

I suspect there was some sort of network problem like a guest wifi network or a proxy/VPN running on your machine that made Anki log you out.

Yes, I moved and last week when it worked I was at home. But is there something I can do to make it work in the new Wifi?

If it’s a public wifi that asks you to log in, you’ll need to make sure you do that before opening/syncing Anki. If your iPad is using the same wifi network and not a cellular connection, then that seems to imply the issue is something running on your computer rather than the network itself, and it may be helpful to check what other software you have running on your machine.

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