Loggout from Anki to login again after profile was deleted

Hello everyone,

I tried synchronizing my account, turned out I haven’t opened it for 6 months and my account was deleted.
So I made a new one and safed a backup of my flashcards on my computer. Now I’m trying to loggin with my new account to put the backup into it, but I can’t even loggout the old one.
I tried Preferences (cmd + ,) → syncing → Ankiweb account but there’s no button „loggout“.

After that I thought I could just update Anki to the new version so it would hopefully ask me to login again, but when I downloaded the new update folders (I tried all three of them) it says, that I cant download the program because this mac isn’t supporting it.

Im using Anki Version ⁨2.1.66 (70506aeb)⁩. My Mac is on version Sonoma 14.2.1. It still has an Intel processor. On my phone I use the paid app.

I really hope somebody can help me because my final exams are coming up and I already made all the flashcards on the computer but can’t sync it with my phone because of the loggout issue.

Thank you, Anki has been my life savior so far!!

Best regards,

If you are using this new profile, then you are already logged out, try to sync and the account login prompt will appear (@dae this can be confusing, could we add a log in button here for when the user does not have an account)

Could you try redoing again (this will automatically download the app)

Thank you for the quick reply!

When I’m syncing it says “Syncing failed,because your email adress needs to be (re)confirmed. Please visit ankiweb .net and login as ‘E-Mail’ to proceed.”

Second link worked, it’s updated thank you! :grin:

By ankiweb, they mean https://ankiweb.net/account/login not Anki desktop ankiweb

Its’s working!!! The solution can be so easy sometimes… Thanks again :slight_smile:

Logged on Add tip to prefs screen when syncing not set up · Issue #2990 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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