Limit the learning card/ packets

Hi there i am struggling with my card to learn and my due’s card. I can’t work on anki more than 4h/day and i have some cool deck for my exam but i currently in a bad position. despite the large number of new card and the fact that i have to do the most a day, and that learning new cards while i do my daily’s work is great, i need to have a restricted number of ‘learn’ card (like never more than 4) and there is NO OPTION to make it that way.

That way i would be sure that I didn’t take to much late, that i leaned about 15 new cards and i would be able to practice the in progress + new cards after the 1 part of my revision. Could a script in the pack’s advanced options could do this ? I kind of need a solution fast :confused: Thx !

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if making a code for the custom scheduling was an option, it should be able to do this: t modify the display order: if the number of ‘learn’ cards are = or >3 then the ‘new’ ones are displayed after the due ones. If ‘learn’ <3 then the ‘new’ are injected before the ‘due’ (and as soon as ‘learn’ = or >3 then we go back to new ones after the cards to be reviewed)
Thx !

Tell us about your current settings.

If you want to restrict the daily workload, you need limits for the number of new cards which are introduced daily and appropriate learning steps.

Allready doing that. I want to setup ! Absolutly no way to have a dynamic order of apparition ? Or a dynamic number of new card / packet that would (like 10% of the due so the flow… stay flow)

How many learning cards you’ll have at once depends on how quickly you answer each card, and how long the first learning step is. If you take 5 seconds per card, a learning step of 20 seconds will give you approximately 4 learning cards at a time.

What strategies or methodologies can be employed to effectively implement limitations on learning cards or packets?