Learning steps for familiar cards


After spending a lot of time on another SRS platform, I recently started using Anki again because I wanted more control. I exported a list of Japanese words, which I now imported into an Anki deck, as I want to keep these cards in my reviews. As a lot of these cards are mature, I was wondering what kind of learning steps/graduation intervals would be good for these cards? Most of them were added during the first half of this year.

I’ve been doing a instant 7 day learning step followed by a 30 day graduation, but I feel like I could go longer, so as to not do unnecessary reviews? Maybe I should just graduate them instantly if correct? Although I’m finding I still get a fair amount of the older ones wrong…

My “normal” intervals lately are usually 1d (3d) 7d with 15d graduation, which I find has worked fine. Thinking even about removing the 3d one.


Another approach would be to select the cards in the Browse screen and use the Reschedule menu item to give them an existing delay range similar to what they had previously. The greater the range, the more they’ll be spread out.

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That could work! Only problem is I only have a csv of about 1000 words, and I have no idea what their timings were. Some probably had over 6 months, some weeks. But I guess as long as the trickle in as reviews at some point it doesn’t really matter, so I could just put that as the range and be done with it…

I ended up rescheduling the cards. Is there any way to start reviewing the cards with the interval of 14 days immediately (the lowest interval I put)? With imported cards, it would be useful to be able to give them a two month interval but not wait two months for the first review.

You could use this trick to shift every card by a given number of days:

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Cool, does this affect the whole collection or just the current deck?

The whole collection. If you wish to focus on a specific deck, you could apply it in a separate profile with just those cards, then import them into the main profile.

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