Review scheduling issues

I synced my deck with the anki web online account for the first time and now i cannot review any cards. The desktop program shows that i do not have any cards to review even though yesterday i have studied cards that have to be reviewed today.

When syncing have you clicked upload pr download your collection? Perhaps you chose download and overrided an empty collection. You may need to load a backup file.

As far as I know I did none of those. All i did was click the sync button, put in the new login details. what i did notice when the sync initiated was that the counter that indicated the number of cards that I reviewed that day including the time taken to review those cars rest to 0 and when i then opened that stats that all the stats rest to 0. when i just now looked in the browse tab the review for all the cards has been push forward by 7 days. the only way i am able to initiate some form of review of the cards that seem to most likely be due today is by using the review ahead function and i have to review ahead 7 days to get to the more recent cards that are supposed to be due.

It looks like you’ve found a bug Rudolph; I’ll look into it. In the mean time, the following in the debug console will shift your cards back 8 days, returning them to the regular scheduling. After running it, please close and reopen Anki.

mw.col.crt -= 86400*8


Hey, where exactly do I find the debug console to use the ctrl+shift+; keyboard combination?

As stated in the link dae posted above, press the shortcut when in the main window of Anki (where your deck list shows after starting Anki)