Learning cards with the v3 switch

I’ve seen quite a few people posting that learning cards are disappearing or getting booted with switching from v2 to v3, but unable to reproduce this myself. Any idea what would be causing this?

Maybe you’re referring to this?


Yep, should be fixed in 2.1.46 already.

I just upgraded from .44 to .46 and had this happen to me when switching to v3

The cards are still in the learning phase, the only problem we have is that now we dont know how many of our cards are in learning.
you can change the deck options

If you only have a single learning card left, v3 will delay it for a minute instead of showing it twice in a row. If you believe you’ve found some other situation where learning cards are not appearing when they should be, please provide more details.

EDIT: never mind looks like learning cards with 1+ days steps count as reviews now. This change should be reverted IMO

Not sure if I should make another thread for this, but I guess it’s on topic: V3 scheduler screws up my learning cards when the learning steps are equal or greater than 1 day: they appear as “due” although they still behave as learning cards (if I reply “again” they go back to the first step, and the learning intervals are correct, except for graduating interval which is supposed to be 7 days but sometimes is 6 or even 5). This does not happen if the steps are <1d.