Bug? Cards Due In Learning Not Being Shown

This problem is affecting me on both the iOS mobile version of Anki as well the Windows desktop version. I have cards that are currently due that are in learning (technically, relearning since they got put there after I failed their reviews), but these 4 specific cards that I failed yesterday are not being shown to me again even though almost a full day has passed and my relearning interval is supposed to be 10 minutes. Instead, Anki is only showing me my standard reviews of young and mature cards from the learned section even though I think Anki is supposed to prioritize cards that are in currently in learning (aka the number of cards displayed in orange in the area of the screen it shows due cards). I’ve attached a screenshot to better show what I’m experiencing. I checked and these 4 cards are not leeches or suspended so I’m not sure why I’m not being shown them. Other than these 4 cards, I don’t have this problem with any of my other cards that I fail and also I’ve never experienced this before with Anki. Let me know if you think this isn’t a bug and what I should do.

What are exactly your relearning steps? Have you changed them recently?

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I only have 1 releaning step and it’s set at 10 minutes - the default. I’ve been using Anki for years and I have never changed this default setting before.

(Sorry for resending this message; I thought I might have done it wrong by not replying to your message and just replying to my own topic instead.)

You have changed the default ‘next day starts at’ option from 4am to midnight. If you reviewed the cards around midnight and they were due the next day, they’ll have been scheduled as interday learning cards. There is a setting in Anki’s preferences this is configured to show inter-day learning cards after regular reviews. I’d recommend you change ‘next day starts at’ back to a time you’re unlikely to be awake.

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Thank you so much! And this inter-day learning setting would still apply to me even if I’m still using the V2 scheduler and I lack access to this setting?

I’ll try to finish all of my due reviews ASAP and hopefully Anki will then show me those 4 cards afterwards and then mark your answer as the solution and close the topic. I should be shown my inter-day learning cards before Anki shows me new cards, rights? Or do I have to finish both my reviews and my new cards before I can see them again?

I finished my due reviews and those 4 cards are finally being shown to me! It worked! Thank you so much! I’ll mark your answer as the “solution”. I don’t see any buttons to close this topic though so I think I just have to wait for it to auto-expire.

V2 has that setting too, but it’s in the preferences screen, not the deck options screen.

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Here’s my preferences screen and I don’t seem to have it. When I looked in the manual it also said that, “This section is only available when you have the v3 scheduler enabled.”

“show learning cards with larger steps before reviews”

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OHHH! So that’s what that setting is! Thank you so much for all of your help again! You’ve taught me so much about Anki! :exploding_head:

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