Learn Latin vocabulary

If you learn nouns in Latin you have to learn the nominative, genitive and the sex of a word. So I like to have three different write in sections on the back of a card, which I can change in the styling. Does anyone know an add-on or a solution for this problem?

Add the fields you need. Add the fields to your card template and style them accordingly with HTML+CSS. Consider automatically generating multiple cards from each note, instead of asking for all of the informations simultaneously (minimum information principle).

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I think @Dennis wants to have multiple type-in fields on the same card, right?
I’ve recently accomplished this using input tags and JS, but it’s messy and (like add-ons) doesn’t work on mobile versions.
I agree with @p4nix that in general, you should keep your cards as atomic as possible. This will make for a much more efficient and less frustrating learning experience. It seems like more work but it will be less in the long run.
Also, I’d reconsider whether typing in a category like gender is really beneficial.


For gender, just include the article in the same field as the word. For declension, have each case on a different card.

Better yet, learn phrases that use the words correctly in context. You want to be able to read and write, no?

Or do you just want to become a walking dictionary?