Last 15-25 cards not shown during review session

During my daily review session, the last 15-25 cards of the session are not shown. I can see the green total on the right counting down, along with the red total in the center. But as soon as I solve the final card of the red total, I get the message that my study session is over. The green total usually reads between 15 and 25 right before this happens.

I can’t figure out any pattern for the cards that get left behind for the following day, other than that they’re not the brand-new cards that I just started studying that day. Any cards left behind on a particular day get shown/studied the following day, but then a different set of 15-25 cards gets left behind. This has been happening for at least a few weeks, though I don’t know exactly when it started.

Things I have tried: re-downloading the entire database from Ankiweb; checking the database on the iPhone; checking the media on the iPhone; removing unused media on the iPhone.

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Do you have burying enabled in the deck options? When cards are buried, the counts are not updated until you finish or the queues are refreshed.

Yes! “Bury related reviews until the next day” is checkd! Not sure how that got checked, but I will uncheck and hopefully that will fix for tomorrow.

Thank you!