Lag in Anki on new Mac update

I recently updated my Anki to the apple silicon 23.12.1 version as my Anki advised there is an update. Since then when doing my flashcards, when I click show answer, the answer either doesn’t come up or comes up after some time. The buttons on the bottom where you can say easy, hard etc come up instantly but not the answer.
I have tried to force quit the app and restarting my laptop and it hasn’t fixed this. I have attached a screenshot of my screen, hopefully you will be able to see it.

I am having the same issue.
I tried: File–>Switch Profile–>Downgrade and Quit which did not help

Please try the different video drivers in the preferences screen.

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I’m experiencing the same issue :frowning:
Already tried deinstalling and then reinstalling it but it still doesn’t work properly

thanks so far so good!

Same thing is happening to me. Doesn’t happen on every card but often enough to be a huge pain.

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thank you, this seems to have worked for now.

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