After clicking "Show Answer", entire screen blinks

Hey, hope you’re all well.

This is relating to the new version of Anki that was just released, Version ⁨2.1.44 (b2b3275f)⁩
Windows 10

When I click “Show Answer”, the full screen of the card’s content blinks quickly, for a fraction of a second. It’s like the content is refreshing. It takes a small amount longer for content with images.

It’s a bit jarring to watch, especially during longer study sessions. My request as a user would be that this full content blink is removed, so that the only thing that happens upon clicking “Show Answer” is that the cloze text/back-of-card is revealed.

Hope this is helpful feedback for improving Anki! If I can clarify something please let me know.


I discovered Anki three months ago, and always had that problem, no matter which video driver I use. Also, my keyboard has never responded smoothly with Anki.

I just got used to that little annoyances, and have been suffering them in silence since then :upside_down_face: . At least, now I know that I am not the only one, haha.

Since upgrading to the latest update (from 2.1.35), I’ve also had the same problem. It didn’t exist on the prior version, and it’s made doing flashcards quite insufferable, so I reverted back to the older build… I found on that one as well that enabling hardware acceleration caused it to flicker as well, but oddly, disabling it led to no flickering at all. Of course, this is some excellent feedback. Perhaps there’s just a small bug in the latest iteration, but since it wasn’t there before, surely it can be restored to the way it was…?
Thanks very much for sharing this, I’m glad there’s another person with the same problem haha

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We may be able to improve this when MathJax is not used - it’s being tracked on the following issue. rework reviewer.ts · Issue #1120 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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Hi, I got the same issue.

First, my AnkiDroid automatically updated yesterday, and today when I open any deck it is completely blank or only the first side is present but when I click Show Answer everything becomes blank.

Then I went to Anki on my Desktop which was on the old version and everything worked well, however, I upgraded it to the new version (2.1.44), and now the same issue happens… I read that it might have something to do with the addons, however, I only have the Image Occlusion addon.

My issue is kinda worse, because that stay completely blank and the content is never shown…

Is there a workaround for this issue? I currently find that only Ankiweb is working properly…

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Can you create a new post on the forum with more detailed infomation
the cards that were empty it is the image occlusion note type or regular (like cloze,basic…)

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