Screen bug on Desktop

On desktop, my Anki screen “flashes”. I have this for several months now, I thought it would be ok with updates but it’s not. I just installed the last version and it’s the same.
When I am on a card, the answer can “blink” on the last one for example.
When I am on the home with all cards and groups, I see name of groups, number of cards etc…for few seconds and after it’s all white etc…I can access to my cards again if I synchronize.
I also notice bug when I want to modify a card: add a color or something like that. I have to do several times for it to work.

Do you have an idea?

Maybe try changing the video driver.

From the menu, in the Tools / Preferences / Appearance dialog.

If you don’t see an option to change the video driver, you might have an older version of Anki.


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