Kurt's Notes - it is done

Hi, I transformed Kurt’s Notes by Dr. Kurt Schaberg into anki cards. This deck is ideal for pathology residents. Most of the cards are image occluded, so I recommend having the add-on from @glutanimate who I appreciate for creating the tool. This deck is also being hosted, with the addition of CNS chapters, on Synaptiq, a new flash card platform, however the current version of that software does not allow for local downloads and to my knowledge, does not currently support editing image occlusion cards, just viewing.

Please feel free to message me here with updates/suggestions/errors etc. And as always, this is just for medical education, not medical advice.

Thanks! Mark.

edit*** It will take 24 hours for this deck to become visible to the public, so that copyright holders have a chance to check it first. Kurt told me “go for it, dude” yesterday so it’s all good. Once the timer runs down, I will link to the deck here.

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Okay well I can’t link things, but it’s in the anki deck shared deck as “Kurt’s Notes”