Khmer Text is Bold

When I tap my Khmer shared deck, all of the text is now bold even though there is no bold in the formatting. I tried clearing my cache, updating AnkiDroid, making the text bold, changing the font family and changing the font size but nothing seems to help. I also tried searching in the Anki forums and google but I couldn’t find anything useful for my problem.

See attached:

My goal is to get the Khmer text back to being a normal font-weight.

Can you post your card templates and Styling? I saw this happen for someone else recently, and I’m trying to remember how it was solved.


Sure. Here is the card templates and styling. See attached:

That helps, thanks! I found the other post I was thinking of, and it’s similar.

Arial isn’t typically an Android system font, so like the other user, you’re at the mercy of what font Android decides to substitute for it. Things to try –

  • Find the font you want, add it to your note type, and embed it in your collection, so AnkiDroid will have access to it too.
  • Modify your templates the way that worked for the other user – by hard-coding a different font-weight.
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Hi Danika_Dakika, thank you. Hard coding the font weight to 100 solved my problem. I actually saw that post too but I was a bit confused because they said they set it to 380.

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