Bold and blurry font

I just update my Anki app (Mac version/catalina) from 2.1.15 to 2.1.40 and I’m very surprised by the font format on this version either on the menu and cards.

As you can see on the screenshot below (2.1.15 left/2.1.40 right), the font seems to be in bold and blurry and not verry nice to read…
Do you know how to keep the font format I had in the 2.1.15 version but in the 2.1.40 ?

I also tried all versions from 2.1.20 to 2.1.40 and I have the same problem.
Thank you for your help!

The font hinting is handled by the toolkit Anki is built on, and I’m afraid I’m not sure whether that’s something we have any control over. Newer Anki versions use a newer version of the toolkit as it solves other issues, but it’s not practical to pick and mix the changes unfotunately.

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Is your user interface scales in Anki preferences? Not that I have mine scaled and do not see the font blurring.

Yes my classic macOS interface scales in Anki preferences but all the text in “About Anki” and cards seems to be blurry…
But as DAE said I guess there is no solution due to the new toolkit version