Keyboard shortcut to scale Anki window to a preset size

OS: macOS Monterey
Anki: 2.1.49

Issue: assigning a keyboard shortcut to scale Anki window to preset size.

The advice given in the following video does not work with Anki:

I was wondering if anyone happens to know an alternative.

Thank you!

How often do you resize your window?

Have you tried using the mouse?


Thank you—though I’m looking to avoid resizing the window with the mouse every time I want to arrive at the same window size. The idea is to assign a keyboard shortcut that sets the window size automatically.

I adjusted my screen once - for Version 2.1 (Aug 2018?). It hasn’t moved for 3 years.

How would it move?


I need to move around the Anki window (from full screen to only bottom half to center, etc.). In the center position, I’d like the Anki window to be of a certain size (x and y coordinates). I want to automate setting that size with a keyboard shortcut.