Kanji - radicals

I have some cards that I made for doing kanji, so it shows english romaji kanji and furigana. Plus gives me a hint for how to draw the kanji.

Now as I understand kanji it is made up of radicals and I have a list of them but there arn’t enough radicals to describe all the different bits you might see in a kanji. So I have invented my own descriptions for those bits that arn’t of the 214 radicals.

Is there a better way, some list of all the different bits that can go into a kanji other than the 214 radicals.

Well I have partly solved my own problem I found a site called kanshudo.com that lets you search for a kanji and then you can select details you then get a break up of the components of the kanji AND a neumonic for the kanji.

I have to jump through a few hoops but it is certainly quicker than trying to use a kanji dictionary
so my card now has neumonic rather than invented descriptions

kanshudo looks like this

it would be nice ultimately if I could highlight a kanji, press a button, and be given the description panel from kanshudo, if I work out how to do it I shall post it here.

Have you looked into the Heisig method? Search for Remembering the Kanji by James Heisig. I’m sure there’s a free extract somewhere, but I can’t find it right now.

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